tirsdag den 11. maj 2010

Mælkebøtte - Dandelion

Mælkebøtte - Dandelion
This Dandelion has been shot with my new little pocketcamera. It is easier to bring with me than my usual larger camera. The shot is from Marielyst, Falster, and as you see the datestamp was on. It was just a test. That day - May 4th - ended the Second World War later in the evening in Denmark 65 years ago, my mothers mother died 44 years ago and I was - and still is - married to my wife also 44 years ago.

2 kommentarer:

lewi14@gmail.com sagde ...

What a sunny photo.

Anonym sagde ...

Der var flere gode grunde til, at du lod dato stå på det foto!
Tillykke med det nye kamera, lad det nu ikke forblive i lommen ;-)


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