søndag den 22. august 2010

Regn i stride strømme


Vi har nok set regnvand løbe over tagrenden før, men vist nok ikke som her til morgen, hvor overløbsvandet dannede en kompakt flade...

fredag den 20. august 2010



Det var sommerfuglevejr i dag - her en dagpåfugleøje i den græske oregano i min have.

torsdag den 19. august 2010

Krimmler Wasserfall

Krimmler Wasserfall

This is a little part of the largest waterfalls in Europe, Krimmler Waterfalls in Austria. To walk to its beginning you have to follow a path some 400 meters up. It was not a problem to do that, but looking at people it was easy to see wrong shoes etc., and some younger people was unable to do it because of bad physical condition. In fact I prefer Umbalfälle in Virgental, which will be shown later on.

onsdag den 18. august 2010

Træ skal ned fra bjerget

Træ skal ned, her i Zillertal

Tree has to be taken down from the mountains, here in Zillertal.

tirsdag den 17. august 2010

Lavendel med kålsommerfugl


Dette er taget for et par dage siden - i dag har det regnet i urimelige mængder.

lørdag den 14. august 2010

In Austria

Water at the mountain

Walking the mountains of Austria can be hot - and water is very welcome, I did enjoy a bit of cooling.

fredag den 13. august 2010

torsdag den 12. august 2010

onsdag den 11. august 2010

tirsdag den 10. august 2010

Just landed


In Zillertal we saw many paragliders - they were trained by a local paragliding school.

mandag den 9. august 2010

Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast

Teksten er fra Zell am Ziller i Tyrol, og den lyder vel på dansk således: Galer hanen på møddingen ændrer vejret sig eller forbliver det samme.

søndag den 8. august 2010

Køge Miniby

Køge Miniby

The houses are 1/10 of the original houses in Køge. Yesterday the weather was fine to do the visit. Today we get a lot of rain (which my garden welcomes).

lørdag den 7. august 2010



Arrivering at Zill am Ziller, staying at Haus Kristall, we enjoyed this view of Zillerberg.

fredag den 6. august 2010


Rain in Hof

Our second stop before Austria this summer was Hof. We very much like the quality of pizzas from Restaurante Roma in Hof. This year we got heavy rain.

In Hof Baker Lng has a Stehcafe (stand up to drink coffee) with chairs to sit in.

Stehcafe in Hof

torsdag den 5. august 2010

Postamt Ludwigslust

Postamt Ludwigslust

In Ludwigslust you find this fine postoffice - or part of it. Look at the weather-signal at the top of the building...

Here is the whole Postamt:

Postamt Ludwigslust

onsdag den 4. august 2010

Slottet i Ludwigslust

Slottet i Ludwigslust

On our way to Austria this summer, we stayed the first night in Ludwigslust. In the city you find this impressive castle, which was summerresidence for the local duke. The park was even more impressive.

mandag den 2. august 2010

Mandehul i Virgen, Osttirol

Mandehul i Virgen, Osttirol

I saw this manhole in Virgen this summer.

søndag den 1. august 2010

Polygonia c-album

Polygonia c-album

Det hvide C, The white C, visited my garden today. More butterflies the last two days at Roskilde Daily Photo.


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