mandag den 31. januar 2011



A little manipulation has been used to make this photo look like it is. Take a look (in danish) at Fotosjov.

lørdag den 29. januar 2011



One more shot from Copenhagen harbour - it is a kind of an ice-boat!

fredag den 28. januar 2011

Copenhagen Harbour


Yesterday we made a trip to Langelinie (Long Line - part of the harbour). It was cold, but not that cold because the sun was shining. I noticed the smoke in the background.

torsdag den 27. januar 2011



This is Round Tower King Christian IV 1588-1648) in Copenhagen. The shot is from 1. flour in a flat in Skindergade. Notice two visitor at the top of Rundetårn.

tirsdag den 25. januar 2011

Pas på!


Be careful!

mandag den 24. januar 2011

Behåret stueplante


I don't the name of this plant in our window, but yesterday the sun was shining at it - as you see. I discovered the details when I shot this kind of macro.

lørdag den 22. januar 2011

torsdag den 20. januar 2011

Til kamp mod spild

Til kamp mod spild

I øjeblikket er opmærksomheden rettet mod de enorme ressourcer, der går tabt på grund af madspild. Denne plakat fra Nationalmuseet fortæller om den kamp mod spild der fandt sted i 1930erne. For nogle var kampen økonomisk afgørende.

In the 1930s it was import not to waste too much because some people could make a living of these items. The poster is about the fight against wasting what can be used. Today waste of food is discussed widely.

tirsdag den 18. januar 2011

Don't spit at the pavement

Don't spit at the pavement

At The Danish National Museum you find this fine sign.

mandag den 17. januar 2011

Power Sale


Some times of the year things are "on sale". In danish it is "udsalg". Now "sale" is very often used instead. I don't see why this word should be better. May be it isn't enough - I have now seen "Power Sale". What do you think?

søndag den 16. januar 2011

Common mussels or pælemuslinger

Pælemuslinger fra dåse or common mussels

These mussels tasted better than the visual impression suggested.

lørdag den 15. januar 2011

Kongeporten i Roskilde domkirke

Royal Gate of Peter Brandes

Kongeporten i Roskilde domkirke er fra 2010. Peter Brandes er kunstneren.

fredag den 14. januar 2011

torsdag den 13. januar 2011

Ribe Å

Ribe Å

Last April there was a lot of water in the river running through Ribe.

onsdag den 12. januar 2011



Ribe Å, Cathedral in background.

tirsdag den 11. januar 2011

Ribe Å

Ribe Å

Looking in the archives I found trhis shot from Ribe last april.

mandag den 10. januar 2011

Hotel sign in Lienz


Fine hotel sign in Lienz, Osttirol - Hotel Traube.

søndag den 9. januar 2011


Køge Ås

At a walk at Køge Ås yesterday, I saw this tree. Children too old for comforters use the tree to say goodbye. How did your children do?

lørdag den 8. januar 2011

Slaget i Køge Bugt 4

The Queen

The Queen waves her hand in Køge. You can learn to do the same by looking at her hand!

Prince Henrik

And you can learn to enter a car like Prince Henrik.

Today they are the happy grandparents to Frderik and Marys twins.

fredag den 7. januar 2011

Slaget i Køge Bugt 3


A few more shots of the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Battle in Køge Bugt follows. Iver Huitfeldt was the hero that day. His ship, Dannebroge, was the first of the unready danish navy's ships to fight against the attacking swedish fleet. His ship was burning, but he continued the battle and prohibited a fatal attack at the rest of the danish navy. His ship exploded and 550 danish seamen and 40 norwegian died. 7 saved their lives.

At the first shot you see the the wreath from Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik.


The Queen is arranging the wreath.


Prince Henrik in the mittle and the Queen.

onsdag den 5. januar 2011

Slaget i Køge Bugt 2

1. parket

As mentioned yesterday, the Battle in Køge Bugt Oct. 4., 1710, was celebrated 300 years later. Many people was in Køge, waiting for the Queen and Prins Henrik. Some had excellent possibilities to see what happened, others not. It was not easy to take pictures without getting the heads of other people at the shot.

Norsk flag

The Norwegian Navy was in Køge.

Svensk flag

The Swedish too.

Flådens tambourkorps

And - of course - the Danish.

tirsdag den 4. januar 2011

Parti fra Køge

Gård i Køge

This shot is from October 4th., 2010, and I noticed this building in Køge on my way to the harbour.

That day the 300 years anniversary of the battle in Køge Bugt was celebrated. The next days I will put photos from that day on this blog.

mandag den 3. januar 2011

Flower in Osttirol

Flower in Gschlösstal

I saw this flower in Gschlösstal in Osttirol, but I don't know its name. Do you?

søndag den 2. januar 2011

After Christmas


Today everything is normal again inside - and the Christmastree ended outside. In this situation, I always think of the last drawing of Peters Jul, which I shot and show you beneath.

Peters Jul

I got the book in 1950.

lørdag den 1. januar 2011


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