torsdag den 21. april 2011

View into a Park

G. Kjøgegaard Park

This is the park at Gl. Kjøgegaard with its famous collection of rhododendron. The park seems to be closed due to wanton destruction. A few flowering rhododendrons is seen between the trees.

2 kommentarer: sagde ...

What a lovely place. Spring has come to Denmark too.

Thank you for your lovely comments on my Stuttgart Daily Photo blog. It is a busy time for me in the moment. Therefore I can't answer. I hope it will be better in the near future. Be sure that I'm follow your blog with interest. I wish you a Happy Easter and wonderful sunny days. Greetings from Stuttgart, Steffen.

Anonym sagde ...

Dit dejlige foto virker aldeles beroligende ;-)
Jeg glæder mig til, at Knuthenborg Park & Safari åbner, og de mange rhododendron folder sig farverigt ud!
Jeg ønsker dig og dine nogle hyggelige påskedage :-D


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